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Don't forget to check Fricking Apps regularly, because we are always adding new Android, Blackberry , and Palm applications.

Flying Saucer Beer Tracker 1.0.6 now available in the Palm App Store.

Flying Saucer Beer Tracker 1.008 now available in the Android Store.

Flying Saucer Beer Tracker 1.0 now available in the Blackberry Playbook Store.

  • NEWS

    UFO Beer Knurd now on Blackberry Playbook!

  • NEWS

    UFO Beer Knurd NOW ON ANDROID!

  • NEWS

    UFO Beer Knurd 1.0.4 released!
    New features include faster load times and descriptions from all paged.

  • UFO Beer Knurd 1.0.3 released!
    New features include the ability to comment on your beers form the Beer Info screen.

  • UFO Beer Knurd 1.0.2 released!
    New features include multiple UFO Club card support and beer descriptions on the Tasted and Not tasted pages.